A Luxury Holiday


A scenery as taken from a picture book. with little bungalows in front of a turquoise blue sea, bordered by a stretch of fine white sandy beach. There are 54 accommodations in 3 categories here, all with noble parquet, air conditioning, refrigerator and a flat screen satelite TV. 

Behind the two rows of bungalows lies the forest, above which mountains rise into the blue sky. 

The spacious lobby with solid wood furniture shares the roof with a restaurant where they offer delicious Asian and Western dishes. No problem for Chef who has already celebrated his art in manay countries, includy Italy, Great Britain, Greece, Australia and Russia. His speciality is French cuisine, he says, and his aim is to serve Asian dishes in a Western style that also appeals to the eye. 

Instead of constantly daddling on the smartphone, guests talk to each other. They eat and drink. Take a nap. Or read books, especially the European  guests (they don't mind flying half around the globe just to read books on a remote island). From time to time, someone splashes around in the pleasantly warm water of the South China Sea, where thanks to the salt content you dont even have to move a lot to stay above water. A more refreshing experience is to jump into the nice swemming pool where the water is slightly colder. 

If you are looking for activities, you may want to check out the rainforest right behind the bungalows. It takes you roughly half an hour and probably lots of sweat to follw the constantly ascending path. Marked and secured by ropes, it leads to a viewing point which rewards you with a marvellous view over the ocean.

If you have more time, take a two hour walk to an idyllic waterfall, or make use of the various boat tours being offered. These, of course, you would have to pay for. And last but not lesst, there is also a provder of diving courses and excursions on the resort area. 

Article featured on Malaysia Insights by Uwe Fischer