An Amazing Island Paradise


We take this opportunity to thank our lovely guest who dropped us such a wonderful review on TripAdvisor. Here's why Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort is nothing but an amazing island paradise. Read on, and you will be tempted to stay with us!

"Having read a lot of mixed reviews before our visit, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I now know something that I've always suspected - some people just like to complain! This resort is a little piece of paradise and here's why!


Are great - it has everything you would expect from a 4 star. We originally booked a garden view room but decided to upgrade to a beach view which meant we could hear the sea from our bed at night - bliss! The garden view room that we saw was lovely too and because the villas are staggered most of the garden view rooms still have a view of the sea, but if you can justify spending a bit more, it's well worth it. The water filter machines around the resort are a nice touch - saved us buying bottled water and reduces plastic use. 


It's on the South of the island, has great views of the mountains and is on its own bit of untouched beach. There isn't much nearby but that's what makes it special; this is a place for relaxation. There's a lovely walk you can do to the neighbouring village and a waterfall that you can swim in (it takes a couple of hour; make sure you take water with you). 


The resort runs snorkeling and scuba diving trips. I did diving which was very reasonably priced and included a stop at a  beautiful cove and a packed lunch. The dive guide was fantastic and I saw some amazing sea life. The spa is excellent and again very reasonably priced. In the evenings there's a great singing/guitar duo. Her rendition of "Shallow" put Lady Gaga to shame and his guitar skills were incredible! They also run activities for children (movie nights, etc) for those with familites. No I do have to clarify something - Yes the wifi only works in the restaurant. I met another visitor who seemed to think this meant the resort is not 4 star (which personally I found a bit ridiculous) with scenery like Tunamaya, who needs Wifi? 


Was amazing. The menu is varied and caters for all tastes. It's reasonably priced and the portions were good; we often shared a meal at lunch time. The nasi lemak at breakfast was a personal favorite, the seafood ala-carte (where you get to pick your own fresh fish and pay by the weight) was lovely and the pizzas were the best pizzas we ever had!


Were reasonably priced - cheaper than in KL (they did a great offer on beer where you could buy a bucket which was cheaper and could take the cans when you were ready, we did this most afternoons when relaxing on the beach). The bar has a good selection; they do occasionally run out of things (remember you are on a paradise island and they can't just nip to the shops when something runs out!) but this was more than compensated by the friendly and inventive bar staff who would happily make you things that weren't on the menu.


The main thing that makes this place so special though is the people. Every single member of staff that we dealt with was professional, helpful and friendly. If you take the time to speak to them they will become treasured friends. A huge thank you to Jack and his F&B team, Dennis and the hotel team, Salim and the other talented chefs, the singer and guitarist; it was a genuine pleasure to meet you all. 

In summary, if WIFI in your room is important to you then maybe this isn't the place for you, which is a real shame, because you're missing out. If you want your own little slice of paradise, with amazing food and outstanding customer service from genuinely nice people then you will not be disappointed!"


Extracted from Review on TripAdvisor - 15 September 2019